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The 38th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition

Why partner with EVS38?

EVS is recognized as the longest-running premier showcase devoted to electric transportation, technologies, and industry innovation. Opting for a comprehensive EVS partnership package that includes speakership, branding visibility, and exhibition goes beyond a traditional exhibitor role. It allows companies to establish thought leadership, gain global recognition, and engage with the audience at various levels, contributing to a more strategic and impactful presence at the event.
Partner with us at EVS38 to not only showcase your innovations but also embed your brand in the minds of industry leaders and consumers alike.

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Thought Leadership and Industry Influence

Speaking opportunities allow partners to share their insights, industrial breakthroughs, and thought leadership with global EV audience. By delivering keynote speeches, participating in panel discussions, or arranging satellite symposium/side workshop, the EVS partnership allows them to demonstrate their commitment to advancing electric drive technologies and highlights their role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation, as one of the leading industrial players.

Networking at a Higher Level

EVS partners often gain access to exclusive networking events, dinners, and meetings with influential decision-makers, top scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders. This allows for more meaningful interactions with industry leaders, government representatives, and potential partners, fostering high-level connections that may not be available to exhibitors.

Comprehensive Branding Campaign

EVS partners can implement a comprehensive branding strategy that extends beyond the allocated booth. This includes branding in high-traffic areas, such as the main entrance, registration areas, common spaces and even outside of the venue, through our strategic partners, e.g. the Gothenburg Central Station, buses, and trams. A cohesive branding campaign creates a more significant and lasting impact on global EV industry and maximized audience engagement.

Showcasing Innovation Through Exhibition

While exhibitors showcase their products and innovations, partners transform their exhibition space as a strategic showroom of the campaign to unveil groundbreaking technologies, conduct live demonstrations, make significant announcements, and engage with a diverse audience.

Overall Event Integration and differentiation from competitors

Sponsoring multiple aspects of the event ensures a more integrated and cohesive presence that strategically align themselves with the EVS's themes and goals. It provides a competitive edge and sets sponsors apart from others. This approach also allows sponsors to guide attendees through a seamless experience that encompasses speaking engagements, branding visibility, and interactive exhibition displays.

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Networking Events Partner

As a Networking Events Partner, your company will have exclusive opportunities to present your brand as a leader towards industry leaders, decision-makers, and innovators through a series of curated EVS networking events. From Welcome Receptions to Networking breaks, your brand will be at the center of meaningful interactions that drive collaboration and innovation in the electric mobility sector.

Conference Partner

As a Conference Partner, you will showcase your thought leadership to a global audience of industry professionals, policymakers, and researchers. Through plenary sessions, breakout discussions, and parallel workshops, you can align your brand with cutting-edge insights and discussions at the forefront of electric mobility. Join us in shaping the dialogue on electric transportation and positioning your company as a leader in the field.

Exhibition Partner

Engage as an Exhibition Partner to showcase your products and services directly to a global audience. This partnership includes options to sponsor specific exhibition zones such as the EVS Start-Up Zone or high-traffic areas, like the Plenary Entrance Foyer, or any of the dynamic displays covering the full spectrum of electric mobility. It’s an exceptional way to expand your company's branding and connect with potential clients and partners in a vibrant, interactive setting.

Branding Partner

Maximize your visibility both on-site and online, within and outside of the venue, by becoming a Branding Partner. This opportunity includes branding essential event elements like lanyard, WiFi and mobile apps, as well as extending your reach into the city of Gothenburg through branding at strategic locations such as Gothenburg Central Station and public transport. It's a powerful option for companies aiming to embed their brand in the event experience and gain extensive exposure to a bigger audience.

Who attends EVS


  • Vehicle/Auto Manufacturer/Tier 1&2 Suppliers
  • Charging/Refueling Infrastructure
  • Battery Developers / Energy companies
  • Utilities / IT / Technology Solution Providers
  • Auto-dealer / Importer & Exporter / Mobile Network Operators
  • Scientist / Researcher / Academia / Students
  • Consultancy and management / Think tanks / Thought Leaders / Law firms
  • Finance / Banking / Investment / Startups
  • State, Local & National Government
  • NGO / Trade associations / Chamber of commerce
  • Media

Job Tittle

  • Vehicle/Auto Manufacturer/Tier 1&2 Suppliers
  • C-Level
  • Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Engineering, Technology, AI
  • Government/Public Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Computer Systems & Services
  • Banking, Investment, Market Research
  • Economic Development

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